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The main activity of CARMELO MENDIZABAL is the manufacture of screws and rivets by cold stamping.


We can manufacture screws or rivets with countersunk head (DIN 963, DIN 87, DIN 661, DIN 664), with round or pan head (DIN 86, DIN 85, DIN 7985, DIN 124, DIN 660, DIN 674, trims, saddles ... ) with cylindrical or flat head (DIN 84, DIN 7338) with raised countersunk head (DIN 966, 88, 91), Philips slotted screws, combi, pozidriv, cross ... maintaining a significant stock of screws in DIN 63, DIN 84, DIN 86 in quality 5.6 and brass.


We also manufacture threaded rod from 10 mm to 3 meters long, rod threaded at one or both ends, studs with 2 threads or dowels, rod with left thread, rod with knurled ends, adapting at all times to the needs of the market.


Auxiliary operations:


We are in a position to carry out auxiliary operations according to your needs, such as cutting material, threading special pieces, slotting, bevelling, etc.


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We are open to the study of any variant of our products or any other part you need. We are manufacturers and we can adapt to the demands of our customers.


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  • MANUFACTURING: Cold stamping, thread by rolling.


  • MATERIALS: Steel 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, Brass, Stainless, Copper and Aluminum.


  • COATINGS: Zinc plated, bichromated, brass plated, nickel plated, blued, etc.


  • THERMAL TREATMENTS: Bonded, annealed, carbonitrided.


  • SECTORS: Hardware, industrial and naval supplies, furniture, construction, etc.